Silver Commemorative Sets
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Silver Commemorative Sets

R2 & 2 1/2c Silver Silver 50c (2 oz) Sterling Silver 20c (1 oz) Sterling Silver 10c (1/2 oz) Sterling Silver 5c (1/4 oz) Sterling Silver Silver Commemorative Combo Sets and Singles MARINE LIFE SERIES PEACE PARK SERIES

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2008 International Polar Year - Silver Combination Set

This Combination Set consists of the sterling silver 2½ c (Tickey) and R2 (Crown) coins, which are packaged together in a wooden box with a silver miniature of South Africa’s Antarctic supply and oceanographic research vessel, the SA Agulhas. The wood from which the box is made is an indigenous South African wood called “African Rosewood”.

2008 Silver Peace Park Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

The Peace Park Series Prestige Set consists of the sterling silver coins (50c, 20c, 10c and 5c) packaged together in a wooden box which is made from an indigenous South African wood called “Emboya”. The Cape Griffon Vulture which resides in the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Project features on the lid of the box. Each set issued has an individually...

Reference: SIL-PC-TIC12

2012 Gautrain, TICKEY, Silver, UNC

Single Coin - GAUTRAIN - 2 1/2c TICKEY 2012 "Trains of South Africa" Series (UNC) - Limited Edition: 1000 Each single Protea coin is packaged in a blue bag together with a individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Endangered Wildlife Trust Sterling Silver Medallion Series

Limited Edition: 500 for each series In 2006, the South African Mint Company entered into a joint project with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). The Mint has created a special 15-piece sterling silver medallion set, called “The Natural Heritage Prestige Set”.  A very special wooden box has been developed to house these beautiful 15 medallions.

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