The First decimal series was used in South Africa and commissioned by the London Missionary Society under Rev. Cambell.   It was originally used by the Griqua people in the Klaarwater district that is close to Kimberley in the Northern Cape.   What is unique about these coins is that it has no date on them, but, records show that it was brought to South Africa from England between 1815 to 1816.

The 1815-16 series are made up] of 1/4 Penny, 1/2 Penny, 5 Pence and 10 Pence denominations, with the 1/4P and 1/2P minted in copper and the 5P and 10P in high-quality silver. 

A variety of patterns exist and have been reported and minted in Lead or gold.   The Griqua coin series was used for a very short, under two years before it was pulled from circulation and destroyed. 

The 1890 coins, consists of two main varieties of Penny (dated and non-dated, begin bronze or copper-Nickle(Nickle-plated).   Not many of these were minted/produced that were in a proof-like state.

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