Orange Free State Tokens (1874, 1887-1888)

Orange Free State(1874, 1887-1888)

These patterns coins come from turbulent times during South African history when the Orange Free State and Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek(ZAR) were still independent Boer republics.

These tokens were struck to solicit coinage contracts from the Orange Free State(OFS) government. The Orange Free State pattern coins are extremely scarce.

The only circulated currency used was 1887 overstamp Crowns(only around 10 were struck), making this a very scarce collectable.  The 1887 mintage, features a 2 Pence token there were a variety of Crowns. It was believed that the 1874 pennies were minted in Brussels.

Only Pennies were minted in 1888 and two varieties (plan and elegant shield) are known and were produced from bronze, nickel-plated copper, aluminium and silver.