Rare Coins

According to our research (excluding proof coins), there are only about 18 ZAR/South Africa Coins with a total mintage of less than 986.  These rare coins are defined as few in numbers, uncommon, scarce or unusual.




  • 1874 Fine Beard ZAR Burgers Pond - 695 pieces were minted. These coins were minted by Ralph Heaton and Sons, Birmingham, England from alluvial gold mined in the Pilgrims Rest area. This coin, known as the 'Fine Beard' Pond was made from a first obverse die and named according to the points of the beard being finer.



  • 1892 Proof ZAR Set – this coin set contains 9 proof coins.


  • 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey – This mining magnate, Sammy Marks, minted 215 gold tickeys on the state mint with permission from President Paul Kruger. No silver, 1898 silver tickeys were stuck from the official dies. 


  • 1898 Pond Single "9"  - On the 2nd November 1899(at 10.30 am)8 a single figure 9 was stamped at the bottom of the President's bust, slightly overlapping the design. The coin is known as 'the single nine counterstamp' and is South Africa's only unique coin.  The value of the coin is estimated at >R15 Million.  The size of the stamped 9 on the obverse is approximately 2,3mm in length.


  • 1898 Pond Double "99" Overstamp – These coins (130 minted) are exceptionally rare. In 1899 the Kruger Pond/Pound dies were intercepted by the British in Lourenzo Marques. To mark the re-opening of the mint it was decided to overstamp 1898 ponds with a '99' overstamp just below President Paul Kruger’s bust. The size of the '99' measures about 1.1mm in length.


  • 1893/1894 Half Pond - Single Shaft. These coins were minted (mintage unknown) in Pretoria and portray a single shaft ox-wagon, the front wheels are smaller than the back ones.


  • 1900 Pond - Blank Rimless (Gold).  In 1900 the striking of the Kruger Pounds/Pond were interrupted due to the advance of the British troops on Pretoria. All the available silver and gold, including pond blanks, were removed from the Mint and taken to Middelburg for safekeeping. After all the minted coins were used up, some of these blanks were used to pay the troops. Two varieties of these Ponde(the rimless/flat blank and the rimmed blank) are known.


  • 1902 Veldpond – Extremely rare coins struck (986 minted) on a handmade press in the fields near Pilgrim’s Rest. This is South Africa's most unusual coin and struck from handmade dies using a heavy fly press. Many forgeries going back as early as 1903 are known. These coins are also known as 'Siege pieces' or 'Money of Necessity'. Only one pair of dies and two men were used to mint these.


  • 1923 Gold Sovereign( 64)




  • 1931 Half Crown (790)


  • 1933 Farthing (43)


  • 1934 Farthing (28)


  • 1936 Farthing (3)



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