South Africa R5 Coins – Investment, Gamble or Fraud

You are here because Social media, Scammers and your best friend said that you might be losing out on making millions from that single, R5 coin? 

Think again, why would anyone offer more than R5 for a used/circulated R5?

Be warned! Don’t fall for anyone trying to lure you into clicking on links or promising you thousands for that coin that you got on your last shopping spree or have been hiding away for the past decade.

Why are we saying that an R5, is worth R5 – the SA mint released commemorative coins into circulation by the millions?   It’s a currency that allows us to buy things.  Face value is R5, so you can exchange it for anything worth R5.

Here are the facts;

  • Used R5 coins are worth still R5. Really! If Mandela’s face is smiling at you on the obverse, it does not mean you have hit the jackpot.
  • Millions of R5 coins are minted yearly and released into circulation – It’s not scarce or sought after by collectors.
  • Circulated R5 coins do not contain any precious metals (no Gold, Platinum or Silver) – their composition is only known to the SA Mint.
  • They are not collectable in a used/circulated state, due to handing they get dropped, stained, scratched or dented.
  • Only Graded/Slabbed/Proof coins that are certified are worth more than face value.
  • Coins in Mint state might be rare, but they are still very common and available to anyone interested in buying it.  The market is flooded and many scammers will try to convince you that it’s an investment.

Coin values are determined by Scarcity, Mintage, Metal content and Condition. 

If you think of investing and paying more than R5 for it, make sure you have done your homework, and consult with experts, before losing your life savings on any scams.  

We would like to reiterate that commemorative circulation coins, such as the R5 coins, are ‘normal’ circulation coins that form part of all the other coins already in circulation. These circulation coins, whether ‘normal’ or commemorative, are all worth their face value, which is R5.

We don’t buy or exchange circulated/used R5 coins!

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