About us

Muntstuk is an international site for anyone having an interest in numismatics, coin collecting, or investing.


The customer is centric to our business and we believe in building relationships from the Foundation, starting with trusted service.   We are proud of our business and offer you choice, quality, support, and easy self-service where you can search, browse and order coins at affordable prices.   We are proud to be associated with people with an interest in Numismatics, and with their help build a partnership that will last years to come.


Our aim is to supply and stimulate interest in coins, backed by our suppliers in the numismatics field.   Simply browse our site by category or use the extensive search function to find your coin of interest.  Shop with peace of mind and know that quality comes standard.  We cut out the middleman and deal directly with recognized suppliers and collectors for the best quality and the lowest prices that you deserve.

If you have questions about a particular item, simply contact us with your request.  


A convenient way of buying and selling Proof, UNC, and Circulated coins;

  • Banknotes

  • Bullion(BU) coins(Krugerrands, Australian Philharmonic, Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra, Maple Leaf, Britannia, Panda, Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra, American Buffalo, American Eagle)

  • Collector/Scarce coins

  • Commemorative

  • Errors

  • Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver coins

  • Medallions

  • Mint Marks/Privy Marks

  • Replicas

  • Tokens

  • World Coins

If you are looking for quality coins (ProofUNCCertified, or Circulated), you have come to the right place.


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