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Avoirdupois ounces Avoirdupois pound 0.0625
Avoirdupois ounces Troy pound 0.0766
Avoirdupois ounces Troy ounces 0.9116
Avoirdupois ounces Grams 28.35
Avoirdupois ounces Grains 437.5
Avoirdupois pounds Troy pounds 1.2152
Avoirdupois pounds Troy ounces 14.583
Avoirdupois pounds Avoirdupois ounces 16
Avoirdupois pounds Grams 453.592
Grains Troy ounces 0.0021
Grains Avoirdupois ounces 0.0023
Grains Pennyweight 0.0417
Grains Grams 0.0648
Grams Troy ounces 0.0322
Grams Avoirdupois ounces 0.0353
Grams Pennyweights 0.643
Grams Grains 15.43
Pennyweights Troy ounces 0.05
Pennyweights Avoirdupois ounces 0.0548
Pennyweights Grams 1.555
Pennyweights Grains 24
Troy ounces Avoirdupois pound 0.0685
Troy ounces Troy pound 0.0833
Troy ounces Avoirdupois ounces 1.0971
Troy ounces Grams 31.103
Troy ounces Grains 480
Troy pounds Avoirdupois pounds 0.8229
Troy pounds Troy ounces 12
Troy pounds Grams 373.24
Troy pounds Avoirdupois ounces 13,166

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