Please read and adhere to the guidelines set out below and place the following reciprocal link on your website homepage referring back to muntstuk.com


<a href="http://www.muntstuk.com"> <span style="color:#777777;"><strong> www.muntstuk.co.za </strong> </span><span style="color: #ca6435;"> - Muntstuk International Coins - Offers a large selection of Coins, Collectables, Banknotes, Foreign Coins, Tokens, Medals and Medallions. We buy and sell Krugerrands </span></a>

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Do you agree to the underlying guidelines ? Yes, then Contact us and we will add your link free of charge to our Linkpage.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The design of the site should be complete with no broken links/images and should not come across as unfinished. Under construction, websites will be rejected immediately.
  • The listing title and description should be meaningful - no keyword stuffing.
  • Submission is only guaranteed for a single category per site and you will be allowed to select the most appropriate category for your listing.
  • Spamming or repeat submissions of the same URL will not be tolerated and will result in your site being banned from our link exchange program.
  • Add our reciprocal link(See above) to your website, before contacting us. 


Please do not submit your site to us if it:

  • Is under construction or in development or not of professional nature.
  • Contains Pornography, adult or mature content.
  • Contains Hacking/cracking content.
  • Contains Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Excessive profanity.
  • Excessive, repetitive or irrelevant keywords in the content or code of web pages.
  • Deceptive or manipulative content.
  • Any content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others
  • Contains nothing more than links to third party websites.
  • Is difficult to read (for example 9px type) or navigate, contains broken links.
  • Promotes our interpretation of what may not be considered best practices in the SEO/SEM industry.
  • Advertises the use of gateway pages, doorway pages, or bridge pages, a practice which may be considered spam by the major search engines and directories as stated in their published guidelines.
  • Advertises, promotes, or contains links to other website properties and/or third-party affiliations that promote the service of automatic site submissions to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of search engines, directories and/or FFA's/link farms.
  • Has little to no meaningful content; one or two pages specific to SEO/SEM, or; contains little to no original content specific to the SEO/SEM industry.
  • Contains keyword stuffed HTML Comments Tags or any form of metadata abuse and/or misuse based on our interpretation of the guidelines set forth by the W3C, WAI, WCAG, Section 508, Bobby and the DCMI.
  • Contains the metadata element. If your site contains any variation of the revisit-after META tag, We shall decline the submission without further review.


We do not guarantee:

  • Definite inclusion to my directory.
  • Results, sales, conversions or traffic.


We reserve the right to:

  • Refuse submission for any violation of our guidelines or other justified reasons.
  • Alter title, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Removal of listing, if do not adhere to our guidelines.
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