Big Five - The Elephant(Natura Prestige Set)
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Natura - 1996 The Elephant, Prestige Set(4 Coin set, 24 ct gold)

Big Five - The Elephant, Prestige Mintage: 500

The Natura Prestige Set consists of four 24 carat gold coins (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz) packaged together in a box made from either “Kiaat”or “Imbuya” wood. In addition each set has a plaque featuring the name “Natura Prestige Set” as well as the year “2008” and the individual number of the set.

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The four Natura coins (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10th oz) share a common obverse design which depicts the portrait of a matriarch. It is interesting to note that family groups are lead by a mature cow and not by a bull elephant. Different characteristics of elephant behaviour are featured on each of the reverses of the four Natura coins.  


1 oz

1/2 oz

1/4 oz

1/10 oz


31.107 gram

15.553 gram

7.777 gram

3.110 gram


32.69 mm

27 mm

22 mm

16.5 mm

Metal Content:

Au 999.9

Au 999.9

Au 999.9

Au 999.9

Obverse design:

AL Sutherland

AL Sutherland

AL Sutherland

AL Sutherland

Reverse design:

B Hartland

S Erasmus

A Minnie

L Steyn

Max coinage:



Certificate of Authenticity
Each coin and coin set issued by the South African Mint Company has a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate describes the coin’s specifications, the year, the limited edition as well as a short description of the product. It also depicts the signature of the South African Mint’s Managing Director, Mr Andile Mvinjelwa. To prevent the duplication of a South African Mint product, the certificates are re-designed each year to include the coin design and each certificate is individually numbered according to the limited edition of the coin or set. As another security measure, the South African Mint’s logo, which is printed in transparent ink and only visible under ultra-violet light, features as part of the layout.