2010 Protea Series, R1 Silver, Nadine Gordimer
    • 2010 Protea Series, R1 Silver, Nadine Gordimer

    2010 Protea Series, R1 Silver, Nadine Gordimer, Proof


    2010 Protea Series, Nadine Gordimer - 1991 Nobel Prize for Literature, Limited Edition 3000



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    The 2010 Protea Series depicts Nadine Gordimer who is a South African writer, political activist and Nobel laureate.

    Nadine Gordimer was born on 20 November 1923 in Springs, a mining town outside Johannesburg. Her early interest in racial and economic inequality in South Africa was shaped in part by her parents’ own experiences.

    She began writing stories at the age of nine and her first stories were published in 1937 when she was fifteen! Her first adult fiction was published when she was sixteen and she received her first major award in 1961. Literary recognition for her accomplishments pinnacled with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, which noted that “through her magnificent epic writing has – in the words of Alfred Nobel – been of very great benefit to humanity”.

    Nadine Gordimer’s writing has long dealt with moral and racial issues. She was active in the anti-apartheid movement and she was one of the first people Mr Nelson Mandela wanted to see after his release from prison in 1990! Always questioning power relations and truth, Nadine Gordimer weaves her stories of ordinary people to reveal moral ambiguities and choices. Her quest continues even today, being active in the HIV/AIDS movement which has become a significant public health focus area in South Africa.

    On the sterling silver R1, Nadine Gordimer is again depicted with another quote, “Responsibility is what waits outside creativity”.


    Protea Coin Specifications

    Mass15.00 gram
    Diameter 32.69 mm
    Metal Content

    Ag 925

    Cu 75

    Reverse Die-Sinkers

    MJ Sceepers

    Reverse Artist N van Niekerk
    Obverse Die-Sinker
    AL Sutherland
    Obverse ArtistAL Sutherland


    Each single Protea coin is packaged in a blue leatherette box. Each coin issued has an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the quality and authenticity of the coin made by the South African Mint Company.


    Certificate of Authenticity

    Each coin and coin set issued by the South African Mint Company has a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate describes the coin’s specifications, the year, the limited edition as well as a short description of the product.

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