2011 Protea Series, R1 Silver, JM Coetzee, UNC
    • 2011 Protea Series, R1 Silver, JM Coetzee, UNC
    • 2011 Protea Series, R1 Silver, JM Coetzee, Obverse
    • 2011 Protea Series, R1 Silver, JM Coetzee, UNC

    2011 Protea Series, R1 Silver - JM Coetzee


    2011 PROTEA R1 Silver UNC, Prof. John Maxwell Coetzee(JM Coetzee), Nobel Laureate in Literature


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    The 2011 Protea Coin Series depicts the 2003 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Prof. JM Coetzee.

    He is one of two South African writers to have won this admired prize. Members of the Swedish Academy said he was a writer that would continue to be discussed and analyzed for a long time.


    Coetzee’s novels are generally categorized as postcolonial, addressing the issues resulting from
    colonialism and the apartheid system.  His novels are characterized by well-crafted composition and analytical brilliance but also ruthless criticisms due to his intellectual honesty.


    Coetzee has gained many award throughout his career including the Booker Prizetwice  – the first person to have achieved this feat.


    At 71 years of age, his critical and intellectual honesty continues to drive him as he now fights for the rights of animals.  The R25 Protea coin features two relief portraits of J.M. Coetzee as if he is looking into a mirror. Because of his intellectual honesty, J.M. Coetzee’s works are characterized by brilliant analytical and ruthless criticisms which are portrayed through his characters.


    The R1 silver Protea coin depicts a younger J.M. Coetzee at the time of his being awarded the Booker Prize in 1984.


    Protea Coin Specifications

    Mass15.00 gram
    Diameter32.69 mm
    Metal ContentAg 925, Au 75
    Reverse Die-Sinkers

    VL Chipa

    Reverse Artist N van Niekerk
    Obverse Die-Sinker AL Sutherland
    Obverse ArtistAL Sutherland


    Certificate of Authenticity

    This Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the quality and authenticity of the coins made by the South African Mint Company. Each coin and coin set issued by the South African Mint Company has a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate describes the coin’s specifications, the year, the limited editionas well as a short description of the product. To prevent the duplication of a South African Mint product, the certificates are re-designed each year to include the coin design and each certificate is individually numbered according to the limited edition of the coin or set. As another security measure, the South African Mint’s logo, which is printed in transparent ink and only visible under ultra-violet light, features as part of the layout.

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