1 Rand, South Africa, Protea 2008, Graded
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R1, South Africa, 2008, Silver, Protea - Mahatma Gandhi, Graded

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Single Coin - R1 Sterling Silver (Proof) - PF70 Ultra Cameo

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1 Rand, South Africa, Protea 2008, Graded - Mahatma Gandhi

The Protea coin series commemorates various aspects and important events in the history of South Africa. The 2008 Protea Coin Series will feature Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – better known as Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948). Mahatma Gandhi lived in South Africa from April 1893 to July 1914.
Although not South African by birth, he said “I was born in India, but I was made in South Africa”. He said these words because he first started with his campaign of “Ahimsa” (non-violence) and “Satyagraha” (way of truth) while he was campaigning for freedom in South Africa.

Gandhi influenced both nationalist and internationalist movements and brought the cause of India's
independence from British colonial rule to world attention. Gandhi's principle of satyagraha (from Sanskrit satya: truth, and graha: grasp/hold), has also inspired other democratic activists, including Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon and the 14th Dalai Lama. The title of “Mahatma” (Sanskrit term of reverence “mahatman” meaning “one of great soul”) was accorded on Gandhi in 1915 by his admirer Rabindranath Tagore (the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for
Literature). It was given in response to Gandhi conferring the title of "Gurudev" (great teacher) upon Tagore. Ultimately, his passion for unity and equality among Hindus, peace and justice in a free India and amity among Hindus and Muslims in India made Gandhi a target and he was shot and killed on 30th January 1948 by a Hindu extremist. It is ironic that this great pacifist, the first to employ non-violence in a political context, was never awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! The 1960 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Chief Albert Luthuli from South Africa, applied Gandhi's principles while fighting apartheid in South Africa. The profound lessons Gandhi learnt in South Africa, spurned him to stand-up and without violence fight for his beloved India, earning him the title of “Father of the Nation”.


Protea Coin Specifications

(Sterling Silver)
Mass 15.00 gram
32.69 mm
Metal Content Ag 925 Cu 75
Reverse Die-Sinkers

MJ Scheepers

Reverse Artist N van Niekerk
Obverse Die-Sinker
AL Sutherland
Obverse Artist AL Sutherland


This coin was graded and sealed by the NGC, PF 70 Utra Cameo.

Hern Nk342
Person (politician, revolutionary, entrepreneur)