Natura - 2006 The Giraffe(R50, 1/2 oz,  24 ct gold) Reverse
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Natura - 2006 The Giraffe(R50, 1/2 oz, 24 ct gold)

2006 Natura: Giants of Africa

The Giraffe Proof 1/2 oz 24 carat Gold coin.

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Limited Edition: 3000

R20 The Giraffe 1/2 oz Gold,  AU 999.9

The set consists of a 1/2 oz 24 carat gold coin.

Front: Mother giraffe (left, Giraffa camelopardalis) with curved neck towards her calf between trees in front of large sun between (top, series name) Natura
(below, partly incuse value) R20 (rand)
designer: (lower-right) CM (C. Moses, artist)
legend: (right, composition details) ¼ oz Au 999.9
Back: Bust giraffe (left, Giraffa camelopardalis) between (left) incuse giraffe (right, year) 2006
in front of large sun above tree branches with leaves
(lower-right, incuse state name in English)
SOUTH AFRICA (center, designer) MJS (Marthinus J. Scheepers, artist)
legend: none
Edge: G - grained, type: bars

Natura Coin Specifications

  R50 (1/2 oz)
  24 Carat Gold
Mass: 15.553 gram


27.00 mm
Metal Content: Au 999.9
Reverse Die-Sinker: A Minnie
Reverse Artist: N van Niekerk
Obverse Die-Sinker :
MJ Scheepers
Obverse Artist:
N van Niekerk


Certificate of Authenticity

Each coin has a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate describes the coin’s specifications, the year, the limited edition as well as a short description of the product. It also depicts the signature of the South African Mint’s Managing Director, Mr Andile Mvinjelwa. To prevent the duplication of a South African Mint product, the certificates are re-designed each year to include the coin design and each certificate is individually numbered according to the limited edition of the coin or set. As another security measure, the South African Mint’s logo, which is printed in transparent ink and only visible under ultra-violet light, features as part of the layout.


1/2 oz