Cartwheel Penny, van Riebeeck Replicas, 1797
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Cartwheel Penny, van Riebeeck Replicas, 1797

Cartwheel Penny or Dubbeltjie, 1797 - Replicas

This coin is part of the 12 pieces, van Riebeeck collection of replicas that were in use in South Africa(1652-1830).

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These replicas was packed in tins of Van Riebeeck instant coffee and are Uniface, Cast copies.

The words, "VAN RIEBEECK REPLIKA" are on the reverse.


List of coins

  • Bonk. V.O.C. 4 3/4 Stivers. Undated
  • Doit(Hollandia). Undated. Dutch Netherlands
  • Doit(Utrecht). Undated. Dutch Netherlands
  • Ducatoon, Silver Rijder(Utrecht). Undated. United Netherlands
  • Ducatoon, Reverse of the Silver Rijder. 1769. United Netherlands
  • Gold Mohur. Undated. East India Co.
  • Ship's Money, Scheepjesgulden, 1802, Cape minted
  • Stuiwer, Emergency coin, Strucked from scrap metal. 1783
  • Cartwheel Penny or referred to as Dubbeltjie. 1797. English
  • Pieces-of-Eight. Undated. Spanish Cob, 8 Real
  • "Silver" Shilling George III. Undated. English
  • Bit. A Cut coin of Koninryk der Nedelandshe. Undated


Mintage Unknown