1997 Heart Transplant(R1, 1/10 oz, 24...

1997 Heart Transplant(R1, 1/10 oz, 24 ct gold)


1997 R1 Gold Coin - The Proof 1/10 oz 24 carat Gold coin. Limited Edition: 2500


 This coin commemorated the 30th anniversary of the world's first heart transplant operation led by Dr Chris Barnard in 1967, at the Cape Town Groote Schuur Hospital

Limited Edition: 2500


R1 Gold Coin Specifications

 R1 Gold Goin R1(1/10 oz)
  24 Carat Gold
Mass 3.110 gram


16.50 mm






Surgeon working on a heart


COA of South Africa
Metal Content Au 999.9
Obverse Artist

Athur Sutherland(ALS) - left hand side under the COA

Reverse Artist Johan Steyn(JS) - Lower right hand side
Limited Edition 2500



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