2012 African Monach Butterfly, 1/10 oz Gold, Proof
2012 African Monach Butterfly, 1/10 oz Gold, Proof
2012 African Monach Butterfly, 1/10 oz Gold, Proof
2012 African Monach Butterfly, 1/10 oz Gold, Proof

2012 African Monach Butterfly(R1, 1/10 oz, 24 ct gold)


2012 R1 Gold Coin - South Africa Pollinators, The African Monach Butterfly

The Proof 1/10 oz 24 carat Gold coin. Limited Edition: 2000


The theme, South African Pollinators, was introduced on the pure gold R1 (1/10th oz) coin in 2011 and featured the African Honey Bee which was followed by the African Monarch Butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) in 2012.


African Monarch butterflies are beautiful with vibrant coloured ochre and black wings, decorated with white stripes. These bright colours are a clear warning that they are poisonous. The African Monarch larvae feed on the Milkweed plant, ingesting the toxins and are therefore not palatable to avian predators. Some non-poisonous species of butterfly mimic the colours and patterns of the African Monarch, and their slow leisurely flight, thus lessening their chances of being preyed upon.


The African Monarch is a common butterfly widespread across Africa. Like other pollinators, butterflies are exposed to pesticides, urban development, and modern farming. The destruction of their natural habitat eliminates the plants they need to sustain themselves through the different stages of their life cycle. There is a worldwide threat to the populations of pollinators, thereby threatening the pollination of the crops we as humans rely on.


Limited Edition: 2000


R1 Gold Coin Specifications

 R1 Gold Goin R1(1/10 oz)
  24 Carat Gold
Mass 3.110 gram


16.50 mm




Metal Content Au 999.9
Reverse Die-Sinker

C Moses - TBC

Reverse Artist N van Niekerk - TBC
Obverse Die-Sinker AL Sutherland - TBC
Limited Edition 2000


Certificate of Authenticity

Each coin has a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate describes the coin’s specifications, the year, the limited edition as well as a short description of the product. It also depicts the signature of the South African Mint’s Managing Director, Mr Andile Mvinjelwa. To prevent the duplication of a South African Mint product, the certificates are re-designed each year to include the coin design and each certificate is individually numbered according to the limited edition of the coin or set. As another security measure, the South African Mint’s logo, which is printed in transparent ink and only visible under ultra-violet light, features as part of the layout.


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