Five Rand, South Africa, 2011, 90th Anniversary, Bi-Colour Crown

    Five Rand, South Africa, 2011, 90th Anniversary, Bi-Colour Crown


    South Africa, 2011, Five Rand, 90th Anniversary(1921-2011), Bi-Colour, Republic of South Africa(RSA) Series(1994 to 2011), Commemorate coin, Gold Plated + Silver


    Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank

    The South African Reserve Bank, celebrates its 90th Anniversary on 30 June 2011. As part of these celebrations and to commemorate this milestone, a circulation R5 coin was minted. The coin and banknote design on the R5 coin depicts the history of the Bank, and how South Africa’s currency mirrors changing economic and political developments. The following coins, from left to right, are set out in the design:

    The motif of St George and the dragon, which has been in use on British gold sovereigns and crowns since 1817. When Royal Mint took over the ZAR Mint, it produced large quantities of sovereigns bearing the mintmark “SA”. The R5 coin, minted in 2008 in honour of former President Nelson R Mandela’s 90th birthday, takes prominence. It is included in the design as a unifying coin and to highlight the immense contribution Mr Mandela made in the history of South Africa. The gold Natura coin reflects the endangered black rhinoceros to highlight its plight at the hands of poachers.

    The 20c coin reflects one of South Africa’s national symbols, the king protea. The farthing, the smallest denomination, was in use from 1923 to 1960 and depicts two sparrows sitting on a mimosa branch. The banknote is a circulation note signed by the third Governor of the Bank, Dr M H de Kock, who was in office from 1 July 1945 to 30 June 1962.


    Coin Specifications


    South Africa




    R5, Five Rand, 5 ZAR, 5 Rand


    Ag 925 Cu 75 with 24ct gold plated centre







    Obverse Design

    Arthur Sutherland(ALS)

    Reverse Design

    MJ Scheepers(MJS)



    Last issue of series



    New Coat of Arms of South Africa


    South Africa in 10 different languages


    iSewula Afrika(right)


    Depicts a theme comprising the motif of St George and the dragon which was used on British gold sovereigns and crowns from 1817 until now. The coin also reflects the theme of the R5 coin, which celebrated former President Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.

    Also, the Natura coin reflecting the black rhinoceros is included to highlight the plight of rhino at the hands of poachers, as well as the 20 cent coin reflecting the king protea, which is one of the country’s national symbols. It also depicts the farthing, in use from 1923 to 1960, which depicts two sparrows on a mimosa branch. The coin also sports the third Governor, Dr M H de Kock, who was in office from 1 July 1945 to 30 June 1962.


    90 YEARS(top)


    5 (right)

    RAND (bottom)





    Proof Mintage





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