South Africa, 2019 Bronze Coin R50

    South Africa, 2019 Bronze Coin R50

    South Africa, 2019 Bronze Alloy Coin R50


    Limited Edition: 25 000


    • 1x R50 Bronze Alloy Proof Coin

    Made from an aluminium bronze alloy, the R50: We the People collectable coin bears two hands and fingers intertwined as a symbol of unity between the people of our nation. Promoting democracy and unity, the phrase “we the people” has become a commonly known global ideal, after which this coin is fashioned. Designer Peter Mammes, wanted to simultaneously depict diversity and togetherness. The intertwined hands that read as unity in South African sign language do not show any race, religion, age or other markers against which one might discriminate. Rather, they show togetherness, a sign of what the nation has been striving to attain in the past 25 years.

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